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05/11/2008: Washington D.C. Fire Department Puts Out Fire at Old Philippine Embassy Chancery

05 November 2008. Members of the Washington D.C. Fire Department put out a fire that broke out in the old Philippine Embassy Chancery along 1617 Massachusetts Avenue NW earlier this afternoon.

Smoke was noticed coming out of the old Chancery, which has long been vacated and no longer in use following the transfer of the Philippine Embassy to its current location, and within 10 minutes members of the Washington D.C. Fire Department were at the scene putting out the fire and securing the surrounding area. Occupants of the adjacent building were asked to evacuate as a safety precaution.

Asked to comment on the incident, Ambassador Gaa thanked the Washington D.C. Fire Department for their prompt response and handling of the situation, he said, “This is very unfortunate, but thankfully no one was harmed and the Fire Department responded effectively in controlling the fire. I wish to thank the Fire Department for reacting quickly to the incident. Their swift actions ensured that lives and adjacent property were protected and damage to the old Chancery minimized.”

The cause of the fire is still being investigated as of this time while the extent of the damage to the old Chancery is still being assessed. END.