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25/11/2008: Ambassador Gaa Congratulates NaFFAA Leadership on Vision and Strategy for the Filipino American Community

25 November 2008 – Following the successful conduct of a Board meeting on plans and strategy by the leadership of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) at the Philippine Embassy on 22 November 2008, Philippine Ambassador to the United States Willy C. Gaa said, “I wish to congratulate the leadership of NaFFAA under its National Chair, Greg Macabenta, for coming out with a progressive and ambitious plan and strategy for the Federation that seeks to get more actively focused and involved in community advocacy at the grassroots level in mainstream American society and to further empower the Filipino American community.”

Ambassador Gaa added that, “I would also like to commend NaFFAA’s leadership for their pursuit of strategies and objectives of increasing political empowerment, building coalitions and developing Filipino American leaders, particularly among the youth and young professionals. I am confident that this direction that NaFFAA is taking will enable it to effectively harness the potential influence and strength that resides in the 4 million strong Filipino American community in terms of its ability to advocate for its well-being and interests. As such, I wish to reiterate and pledge to NaFFAA the Embassy’s continuing support and cooperation.”

Prior to the conduct of the NaFFAA Board meeting, the Philippine Embassy hosted a reception on the evening of 21 November 2008 to welcome the 70 strong NaFFAA leadership and delegation members who came from all over the country to help chart out the Federation’s mission, thrust and priorities for 2009. END.