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18/02/2009: Philippine Embassy Commemorates Filipino Veterans Victory in Fight for Recognition and Benefits with Wreathlaying Ceremony

To commemorate the victory of the Filipino World War II veterans in their fight to achieve recognition and benefits for their military service and sacrifices and to honor and acknowledge their courage and perseverance in this long struggle to achieve justice, the Philippine Embassy conducted a wreathlaying ceremony to commemorate this momentous and historic occasion on 18 February 2009. Originally scheduled to be held at the Bataan-Corregidor marker at the World War II Monument at the National Mall, the ceremony was moved indoors at the Philippine Embassy due to inclement weather.

Ambassador Willy C. Gaa and Filipino veterans rendering honors during the wreathlaying ceremonies

Ambassador Willy C. Gaa acknowledging the courage and perseverance of the Filipino WWII veterans for their service and sacrifice during the war and during the conduct of the long and hard campaign to achieve justice