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06/05/2009: Ambassador Gaa Congratulates Filipino Director for Selection as International Entry at the Film Festival of Politics on Film

06 May 2009, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ambassador Gaa congratulated Filipino director Paul Alexander Morales for his work entitled “Concerto,” and its selection as an international entry in the Film Festival of Politics on Film.

“The recognition of Morales in the global arena is an opportunity for the Philippines to once again showcase the inherent talent of Filipinos and promote a deeper appreciation for our culture and people,” Ambassador Gaa said.

Written by a former Philippine Army officer, “Concerto” is a story about the difficulties encountered by a Filipino family displaced during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines.  It attempts to explore history, culture and values innate in the Filipinos that allowed them to survive the trying times brought about by World War II.  “Concerto” is one of the four foreign films and only Asian entry selected for international competition.

The film festival will run from May 7-10, 2009.  Additional information about “Concerto” and the film festival are available at http://www.politicsonfilm.com. END.