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06/05/2009: Ambassador Gaa Awards Philippine Liberation Medal to U.S. Veteran James Carothers

06 May 2009, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Philippine Ambassador to the United States H.E. Willy C. Gaa awarded the Philippine Liberation Medal to U.S. Veteran Sgt. James “Jim” Carothers of the U.S. Army Air Combat Signal Corps at the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington, D.C. for his contribution to the U.S. military operations during World War II that led to the liberation of the Philippines.

Carothers remembers how Filipino soldiers gallantly stood alongside their American counterparts during the Fall of Bataan and Surrender of Corregidor on April 9, 1942 and May 6, 1942, respectively.  Over 11,500 soldiers from Bataan and Corregidor became Prisoners of War and were among the worst treated during the atrocious wartime period. END.

Ambassador Gaa pins the Philippine Liberation Campaign Medal on U.S. Veteran James Carothers with Defense/Army Attaché B/Gen. Ronnie Javier, Air Attaché Col. Sonny Manalo and Veterans Service Officer Percival Abu as witnesses to the event.