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18/05/2009: Ambassador Gaa Urges Filipinos in U.S. to Register for the 2010 Elections in the Philippines

18 May 2009 - Ambassador Willy C. Gaa is urging Filipinos in the United States to exercise their right to vote for the political leadership of the Philippines in the upcoming national elections in June 2010.

''One of the hallmarks of a democracy is the right accorded to its citizenry to be able to choose their leaders in free and open elections. As one of the oldest democracies in Asia, the Philippines will be conducting national elections in May 2010 and I call on Filipinos in the United States to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Overseas Absentee Voting Act to participate in the democratic processes of our country and take part in the shaping of its destiny.” Ambassador Gaa stated.

“I urge first time voters and those registered absentee voters who failed to vote in the elections of 2007 to register for overseas absentee voting at the Philippine Embassy or at the nearest Philippine Consulate General in the United States. Registration for overseas absentee voting will be conducted until the 31st of August of this year.” He added.

According to Ambassador Gaa, Philippine Foreign Service Posts in the United States have topped the list in numbers of new registrations worldwide by having registered 11,353 absentee voters in the United States during the period 01 February to 30 April 2009, which is 23% of the total 61,895 registrations achieved worldwide during this period. In the United States, the Consulate General in Los Angeles had the most number of registrations at 4,290 followed by the Consulate General in New York (2,000) and the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. (1,801).

Information on the requirements and procedures for registering for overseas absentee voting can be found at the Philippine Embassy website at www.philippineembassy-usa.org. END.