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21/05/2009: Ambassador Gaa Expresses Appreciation for Alec Baldwin’s Apology over Mail Order Bride Joke

21 May 2009. Following a public apology expressed by U.S. actor Alec Baldwin on his blog on 20 May 2009 regarding his joke about getting a mail order bride from the Philippines, Philippine Ambassador to the United States Willy C. Gaa expressed his appreciation to Mr. Baldwin in a letter he sent today, stating that it was a positive reflection on Mr. Baldwin’s character to acknowledge and understand the feelings and sentiments of those who took offense over his joke.

Ambassador Gaa also thanked Mr. Baldwin for his recognition of the serious challenges the Philippines faces in actively addressing the problem of the trafficking of women and children in all its forms.

It may be noted that several Philippine Government officials and civil society groups took offense over Mr. Baldwin’s joke which categorized and stereotyped Filipino women as easy commodities for sale and Consul General Cecilia Rebong of the Philippine Consulate General in New York wrote a letter to Mr. Baldwin on 19 May 2009 expressing these sentiments and concern. END.