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16/06/2009: Filing and Processing of Filvets Claims Remain on Track -Gaa

16 June 2009 – After recent consultations with the US Veterans Administration, Ambassador Willy C. Gaa today said the filing and processing of claims by Filipino World War II veterans remain on track.

“We are in constant consultation with the concerned officials of the US Veterans Administration and the filing and processing of our claims remain on track,” Ambassador Gaa said, adding that the Philippine Embassy, particularly the Veterans Affairs Section, will continue to monitor the process.

“As of today, the 32,657 claims have been received,” Ambassador Gaa pointed out.

Of these “2,834 have been granted,” the Ambassador said.  He said that 2,061 were payments to Filipino residents in the amount of US$9,000 and 773 were to US residents in the amount of US$15,000.

Ambassador Gaa also said that a total of 1,060 claims have been denied and that a total of 28,763 claims are pending.

“As we celebrate our Independence Day this month, we must always remember the courage and sacrifice of our Filipino World War II veterans and rededicate ourselves to the ideals and values they fought for and to ensure that they continue to receive the recognition and benefits that they so justly deserve,” Ambassador Gaa said.

“We must also take this opportunity to thank our many friends in the US Congress and in Filipino-American communities across the United States for all their efforts on behalf of our veterans,” the Ambassador emphasized. END.