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26/06/2009: Philippine Embassy Washington DC Consular Outreach in Norfolk

The Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C., in cooperation with The Travel Outlet of Virginia and the MacArthur Memorial, will conduct a consular outreach program in Norfolk, Virginia on July 3, 2009, Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the MacArthur Memorial.

The consular service will include processing of applications for machine-readable passports, dual citizenship, registration of Filipino overseas absentee voters, notarization of documents, registration of births and registration of marriages.

The program will also include an oath-taking ceremony for individuals who will reacquire their Philippine citizenship under the Dual Citizenship Law.

The MacArthur Memorial is located at MacArthur Square, City Hall Ave., Norfolk, VA 23510.

For details please contact the following:

Mr. Silverio Manguerra or Joey Macatula of the Philippine Embassy at tel nos. 202-467-9382 or 202-467-9312; fax nos. 202-467-9417 or email: information@philippineembassy-usa.org. END.