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30/01/2017: 2017 Holiday Calendar

Below is the schedule of Philippine and US holidays that the Embassy will observe for the year 2017:

02 January (Monday)[1] – New Year’s Day (US)

16 January (Monday) – Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (US)

20 February (Monday) – President’s Day / Washington’s Birthday (US)

13 April (Thursday) – Maundy Thursday (PH)

14 April (Friday) – Good Friday (PH)

1 May (Monday) – Labor Day (PH)

29 May (Monday) – Memorial Day (US)

12 June (Monday) – Independence Day (PH)

-----------  Eid al Fitr[2] (PH)

04 July (Tuesday) – Independence Day (US)

21 August (Monday) – Ninoy Aquino Day (PH)

28 August (Monday) – National Heroes Day (PH)

----------- Eid al Adha[3]

04 September (Monday) – Labor Day (US)

09 October (Monday) – Columbus Day (US)

01 November (Wednesday) – All Saints’ Day (PH)

10 November (Friday) – Veterans Day (US)

23 November (Thrusday) – Thanksgiving Day (US)

30 November (Thursday) – Bonifacio Day (PH)

25 December (Monday) – Christmas Day (PH/US)

[1] 02 January will be treated as a holiday for federal government employees pursuant to federal regulations, Section 3a of Executive Order 11582, 11 February 1971. Federal regulations provide that when a US holiday falls either on a Saturday or Sunday, the same shall be observed either on the proceeding Friday or the following Monday.

[2] According to Gulf News, the tentative schedule for Eid al Fitr will be in June. http://gulfnews.com/guides/life/community/uae-holidays-2017-1.1833766

[3] According to Gulf News, the tentative schedule for Eid al Adha will be in September. http://gulfnews.com/guides/life/community/uae-holidays-2017-1.1833766