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30 September 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2016 batch of Cornell University’s LEADNY received a comprehensive briefing on the Philippines on 28 September 2016 at the Philippine Embassy.

During the briefing, the twenty-two (22) LEADNY 2016 Fellows were apprised of current conditions and trends in Philippine agriculture, labor market, and trade and commerce. Snapshots of Philippine culture and politics were also presented to provide the group with a holistic picture of the country.

“We thank LEADNY for choosing the Philippines as a focus of interest this year. This presents valuable partnership opportunities in the agriculture and agribusiness sectors, which have been designated as high priority areas by the Duterte Administration,” said Dr. Josyline Javelosa, Philippine Agriculture Attaché for the Americas.

The 2016 Fellows will travel to the Philippines in February 2017 to learn more about the country’s food and agricultural sectors.

The Embassy briefing was a joint presentation of Dr. Javelosa, Commercial Counselor Raymond Batac, Labor Attaché Saul De Vries, Political Officer Gunther Sales, and Public Diplomacy Officer Darell Artates.

“Our economic diplomacy has always taken a long and integrated view. Engaging future leaders and policymakers in strategic sectors is a necessary step to the creation of productive and enduring collaborative relationships,” stated Minister Jose Victor Chan-Gonzaga, the Embassy’s economic officer.

LEADNY is a leadership development program for adult professionals in the food, agriculture and natural resource industries of the US Northeast. The program helps participants improve their leadership skills, level of self-awareness, issues analysis, critical thinking and civic engagement. ###

30 September 2016

Cornell University LEADNY 2016 Fellows with the Philippine Embassy’s Commercial Counsellor Raymond Batac (front row, left), Public Diplomacy Officer Darell Artates (front row, 2nd from left), Economic Minister Jose Victor Chan-Gonzaga (front row, 3rd from left), and Labor Attaché Saul de Vries (front row, right) during their briefing at the Philippine Embassy on 28 September 2016.