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Congratulations, Ms. ERIN YIU!

Erin’s An Ode to Adobo was a favorite of all our judges!  For that, she and a guest gets tickets to the Embassy Chef Challenge where she will get to meet Chef Claude Tayag and sample 16 other specialty dishes from 16 other Embassies.

Read Erin’s winning work below.

You can talk to Erin about adobo and your favorite Filipino dishes at the Embassy Chef Challenge on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 at the Ronald Reagan building at 630pm.  Don’t forget to say hello to Ambassador Cuisia and Chef Claude who will be there all night!

We thank everyone else who submitted their creative and fun entries!


An Ode to Adobo

Adobo, Adobo, I love you so...

Adobo, Adobo, I can never say no!

A popular hallmark Filipino dish,

To eat it every day would be my wish!


Pork or chicken, either is nice...

Just remember a big serving of rice!

Soy sauce, bay leaf, and vinegar are key...

Who knew this combo would be so tasty?


Add all the ingredients in a large pot,

Bring to a boil on the stove top.

Cover and cook at a low steady simmer…

In thirty minutes we’ll have delicious dinner!


Throw in some garlic, black peppercorns to taste...

Oh, I can't wait to stuff my face!

Tangy and savory – “Sarap!” – I say,

This stew is even better the next day!


Ever since taking my very first bite,

Adobo has definitely changed my life.

Opening up my world to many different Filipino flavors,

Chef Claude Tayag’s arroz valenciana is the next that I hope to savor!