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11 March 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Atlanta-based non-profit World Chamber of Commerce (WCC) presented the “Global Hero Award” to Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. during the WCC Global Business and the Arts Forum on 09 March 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The World Chamber of Commerce is a public charity that seeks to foster international business, cultural and social exchange worldwide. The Global Hero Award recognizes exemplary work in promoting international trade, cultural diplomacy and humanitarianism.

“The World Chamber of Commerce, and by extension, the Global Hero Award, represents the nexus among international trade and commerce, cultural diplomacy and humanitarian work. In my five years as Philippine Ambassador to the United States, I have endeavored to promote these fields individually, and in conjunction with one another,” said Ambassador Cuisia in his acceptance speech.

“Fortunately, I represent a country experiencing an economic resurgence, a country rich in culture and so full of life, that linking culture, business opportunities and humanitarianism proceeds seamlessly most of the time,” the Ambassador added.

The awarding ceremony was witnessed by Mrs. Maria Victoria Cuisia, Philippine Honorary Consul General in Georgia Raoul Donato, members of the consular corps of Georgia and several Filipino community leaders in Atlanta, among many other special guests.

WCC Master of Ceremonies John Lemley noted that presenting the Global Hero Award was an opportunity to convey gratitude and appreciation to the Ambassador “for his ability to join hands with people of many different ethnicities and cultures.”

“He has become, over time, known to be such an amazing ‘uniter,’” added Mr. Lemley.

Eleanor Mae Pascual expressed the Filipino community’s pride in the WCC’s acknowledgement of the Philippines’ top envoy to the United States.

She said, “We congratulate Ambassador Cuisia on receiving this award. The Global Hero Award gives due recognition to the bayanihan spirit that allows Filipinos everywhere to come together in achieving a common purpose.” ###

11 March 2016

(L-R) John Lemley, WCC Master of Ceremonies, radio host/producer; Philippine Honorary Consul General Raoul Donato; Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.; and WCC Co-Chair and founder Solange Warner.