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22 February 2016

Washington, D.C. – “Bamboo Flowers,” a critically acclaimed film by multi-awarded director Maryo J. delos Reyes, charmed audiences during the 8th Bridges to the World Film Festival held at six separate venues in Maryland.

The Bridges to the World Film Festival is an annual flagship event organized by the World Artists Experiences (WAE), a non-profit organization with the mission to bridge international understanding through cultural and citizen diplomacy.

“World Artists Experiences (WAE) looks forward to presenting the film, BAMBOO FLOWERS, in partnership with the Embassy of the Philippines, as way to bridge our people and countries. The film is a wonderful means of people being taken to the Philippines and better understanding the spirit of the people, the culture, and the country through the arts,” WAE President and founder Betty McGinnis said.

“We celebrate the Philippines-US relations for over seventy years. Our hope is that WAE can continue to build bridges between the people of the Philippines and the US,” she added.

“Bamboo Flowers” is a 2013 production that tells the stories of diverse characters experiencing major changes to their otherwise idyllic lives in the Philippine province of Bohol. It takes on themes such as school bullying, urban migration and vice versa, the problematic path of establishing careers and making ends meet in a limited economic environment.

“The Philippines has so much to offer in terms of culture and heritage. ‘Bamboo Flowers’ is only one of the many Philippine films that have been able to successfully combine exposition of local culture and entertainment value in recent years. We intend to showcase more of these movies to foster appreciation of the Philippines among international audiences, especially to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Philippines-US relations this year,” Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. said.

The other four participating countries in this year’s festival are Israel (“Cupcakes”), Panama (“Breaking the Wave”), Slovakia (“Cruel Joys”), and Syria (“Vent and Cham Leaves of Damascus”).

The 8th Bridges to the World Film Festival takes place from the first week of February to the first week of March. ###