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4 June 2015

WASHINGTON, DC—The Philippines jumped nine places in the recently published 2015 Rule of Law Index (ROLI) by the World Justice Project, making it one of the most improved countries in terms of global rankings.

The Philippines ranks 51st out of 102 countries on the ROLI, a significant jump from last year when the country ranked 60th out of 99 countries. This makes the Philippines the most improved among ASEAN member nations.

Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. welcomed the good news and underscored the Philippines’ advocacy for the primacy of the rule of law.

“The Philippines believes that the rule of law is a key to advancing human civilization. Peace, security and stability in domestic and international societies are ensured by the members’ adherence to codified norms and rules,” said Ambassador Cuisia.

The envoy also cited efforts of the Aquino Administration to enhance transparency in the government and control corruption.

He said, “Although there is work left to be done, I believe we are on the right track and I am hopeful that these positive developments will continue.”

Members of the international community have lauded the improvement made by the Philippines.

During the ROLI publication release, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Director Elizabeth Andersen highlighted the Philippines as one of three countries considered as rule of law “success stories.” She cited certain judicial and policy reforms such as the Department of Justice’s court automation initiative and governmental efforts geared towards helping remove the country from the Intellectual Property Watch List.

The World Justice Project defines the rule of law based on four universal principles derived from internationally accepted standards. These are 1) accountability under the law; 2) clear, publicized and stable laws; 3) accessible, fair and efficient enactment of laws; and 4) timely delivery of justice.

Founded in 2006, the World Justice Project is an independent, multidisciplinary, non-profit organization aimed at advancing the rule of law around the world. The ROLI, published yearly since 2010, is the only rule of law and corruption perceptions index that combines both expert consultation and data collection. ###