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25/12/2009: Christmas Message of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

On the very first Christmas, we were gifted by the Almighty with the greatest present of all – His only Son Jesus Christ, who brought us new hope as the living proof of God’s unequalled love for mankind.

On this Christmas, we call to memory once again this Sacred Gift. We draw renewed strength from the certainty that within our hearts and around us dwells the likeness of the Son of God.

This year, every test we faced carried with it an opportunity to lighten the burdens of life. We experienced God’s love for us in the charity and hopefulness that Filipinos gave to each other in their time of need.

This Christmas, let us remember the lessons that we learned this year. Let us remember that we can be assured that God will understand and comfort us.

Let us come together for the Almighty this Christmas. Let us fill our hearts with gratitude and share with our fellowmen the gift of love and hope, so that we may become worthy of God’s Greatest Gift.

I humbly thank the Almighty for the opportunity He has given me to serve our people the best that I can. And I thank the millions of Filipinos who love our country for their dedication to achieve our common dream of a better future.

I wish all of our countrymen a Christmas filled with love and a New Year full of peace.