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25/07/2014: Returned Voters IDs and Ballots

Below is the list of Overseas Voters whose IDs were returned to the Office of Overseas Voting (OFOV).
IDs that were returned may be claimed through
  • IDs that were returned may be claimed through
  • personally appearing at the OFOV at the 7th Floor, Palacio de Governador Building, Intramuros, Manila;
  • issuing a written authorization to their representatives who may personally claim their voters' IDs upon presentation of said written authorization and one valid ID; or
  • contacting the Office for Overseas Voting at tel. nos. +63-521-2952 or 522-2251 or email at comelec_coav@yahoo.com to relay preferences of mailing the voters' ID either to your respective authorized representatives in the Philippines or via the diplomatic pouch addressed to the Philippine Embassy where the registered voters may pick-up the said voters' ID either personally or through authorized representatives.
Below is the list of overseas voters whose mailed ballots for the 2013 National Elections were returned to sender since they already moved out of their respective registered residence addresses. We wish to request voters to update their addresses in order to vote in the 2016 Presidential Elections.
Registered voters may update their address at the Philippine Consulate with address 1617 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20036