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06 May 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Philippine moringa, popularly known among Filipinos as malunggay, will be among those to be featured in a 10-part television series on the Superfoods of the Ancient World that will the Public Broadcasting Network will be airing next year.

Award-winning film producer  Clara Wilkerson was in the Philippines from 11 to 18 May with a Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) crew to start filming for the Public Broadcasting Service’s (PBS) 10-part television series entitled ‘Super Foods of the Ancient World, featuring the Philippine moringa in one of its episodes.

“We are excited to begin filming the episode on Moringa plants in the Philippines and take viewers on a journey to explore such indigenous, nutrient-dense foods and how they interact with the body to enhance and boost wellness,” said Wilkerson in a meeting with the Embassy’s Agriculture Attaché Dr. Josyline C. Javelosa and Press Minister Elmer Cato.

Mr. Myron Stokes, Managing Director of Global HeavyLift Holdings Inc., co-producer of the project, said the show will also be a great opportunity to feature picturesque locations in the Philippines while learning how ancient wisdom, cultures and modern science converge and compliment each other regarding "superfoods" and overall wellness.

In addition to featuring Philippine malunggay in a 30-minute episode, Wilkerson expressed that her media outfit, 1 CRW Worldwide, Inc., is looking for collaborators on her plan to also feature the Philippine coconut in the “Super Foods” project. She noted that coconut palms are featured in Indian writings dating back more than 2,000 years, and that organic coconut oil, among other coconut products, is highly nutritious and contains a superior disease fighting fatty acid called lauric acid.

Wilkerson was also very much interested to showcase the Philippine mango and banana in another project on “Super Fruits.”

Javelosa and Cato were delighted to hear about the keen interest of Ms. Wilkerson and Mr. Stokes in featuring Philippine “super foods” while showcasing as well the beautiful sites in the country.

Javelosa, in response to Wilkerson’s search for collaborators, is working on linking the producer during their trip to the Philippines this month with the country’s Department of Agriculture, Department of Tourism and private institutions who might consider supporting these projects.

“We hope that in producing these films, we will also be able to show the rich history and culture of the Philippines,” Wilkerson added.

Upon completion of the ten-part episode series, a premier will be held in Washington, DC. The first episode of the 10-part PBS series featuring the Philippine moringa will be aired on the first quarter of 2015. It will be distributed via 1CRW Worldwide’s collaboration and partnership with American Public Television,the largest syndicator provider of program content to more than 360 Public Television stations in all 50states. The 10-part documentary will reach a broad general audience, targeting female and male adults ages 35 and older.###