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05/03/2010: Philippine Seafood Exporters to Participate in International Seafood Show at the Boston Conference and Exhibition Center

A group of 13 Philippine seafood companies organized by the Department of Agriculture (DA) will be participating in the International Boston Seafood Show at the Boston Conference and Exhibition Center from March 14 to 16, 2010. The participating companies and their respective products are as follows:

New participating companies:
1.    Universal Canning, Inc. - Canned seafoods (sardines/mackerel)
2.    The Beach Farms & Trading Corp. - Dried fish/anchovies, carrageenan
3.    D'Licious Food Products, Inc. - Bangus products (processed)
4.    RDEX Food International Phils., Inc. - Milkfish (deboned plain, deboned marinated, whole)
5.    Aimbest-de Leon Food Company - "Tuna Filipina" steak burger patties, all natural
6.    CRD Herbal Products, inc. - Dried fish, fish oil product capsule
7.    Mega Fishing Corp. - Bottled sardines

Those Who Participated Last Year:
8.    Bluefin Seafood Exports - Frozen and cooked octopus, baby octopus, squid, cuttlefish, sardines
9.    JBI Foodstuff Supplier - Fresh tuna loins
10.  C'Est La Vie Food Phils., Inc. - Processed seafoods (tuna)
11.  J.N. Mercado Seafood Supply - Tuna loins/tailless tuna
12.  M.S. Seafood Supplier - Fresh chilled yellow fin tuna loins
13.  Jarla Trading - Fresh chilled tuna loins, tailless tuna

Interested buyers are invited to visit the Philippine booth at location 2060E.

New Philippine products to be launched in the exhibit include anchovies,  fish oil capsule, tuna Filipina all natural  steak burger patties, tuna hotdogs, canned carageenan, bottled sardines, canned seafoods, and dried fish.

For inquiries, please email the Office of the Agriculture Attache in the Philippine Embassy, Washington DC at philagri.wdc@gmail.com with Boston Seafood Show 2010 in subject line.