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11/03/2014: Nominations open for the 2014 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas is accepting nominations for the 2014 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas.

The Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas is a biennal awards system to give recognition to Filipinos and other individuals or organizations who contribute to Philppine development initiatives, or promote the interests of overseas Filipino communities. The awards are also given to overseas Filipinos who have exceptionally distinguished themselves in their work or profession, and have thereby brought honor to the Filipino nation. A distinct category in the awards is also reserved for foreign individuals or organizations for their exceptional contribution to the Philippines and for advancing the cause of overseas Filipino communities.

Beyond their recognizable contribution to humanity, the awardees also reinforce faith and confidence in the Filipino nation. They have given meaning to Filipino excellence and the time-honored values of pakikipag-kapwa, pagtutulungan, and pagkakaisa.

For more information or to submit a nomination, visit the CFO website.