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18/02/2014: Update on Assistance for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

Members of the Filipino American community are invited to an informal public meeting at the Philippine Embassy this Friday, February 21, at 6:15 p.m. to discuss developments regarding the response for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

It may be recalled that Philippine Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. called on leaders of Filipino American community organizations to come up with a collective effort to raise funds for the typhoon victims.  Ambassador Cuisia will provide an update on the proposed activity.

Dr. Abraham Rasul, Jr., who co-chairs the Philippine Humanitarian Coalition along with Ms. Victoria Navarro, will also present a report on his recent trip to the Philippines, including Tacloban, where he met with various officials, who are involved in the reconstruction efforts.

Kindly signify your intention to participate by sending an email to cultural@philippinesusa.org.