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16/08/2013: Statement of Ambassador Cuisia on the Statement of Iowa Police Commissioner

16 August 2013

Statement of H.E. Jose L. Cuisia Jr.
Philippine Ambassador to the United States
on Statement of Iowa Police Commissioner

This afternoon, the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Washington, D.C. and the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago were made aware of statements allegedly made by the Commissioner of Public Safety of the State of Iowa, Mr. K. Brian London, which the Filipino Community found to be inappropriate and unacceptable.

I immediately placed a telephone call to Commissioner London to ask him to clarify the statements he reportedly made during a meeting with polygraph examiners of the State of Iowa sometime last year where he allegedly mentioned that it was difficult to conduct polygraph examinations on Filipinos.

Commissioner London explained to me that his statements were taken out of context and were part of efforts by disgruntled individuals to discredit him.

Commissioner London said his statements were part of a technical discussion that was meant to underscore to polygraph examiners the difficulty they could encounter in handling individuals who speak different languages or who come from different cultures.

To illustrate his point, Commissioner London said he cited as an example the polygraph examination he conducted on a Filipino in 1986 that required the assistance of an interpreter. He said that as a result of the controversy, he now regrets having to refer to a particular nationality in making that statement.

Commissioner London was profuse in expressing his apology to me over his statements and repeatedly said it was never his intention to disparage or malign any particular nationality, most especially Filipinos.

I told Commissioner London that I would convey his apologies to the members of the Filipino Community. I also suggested that he reaches out to the more than 3,500 Filipinos residing in Iowa so he would have a better understanding and appreciation of who we are as a people. ###