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17/06/2013: Message from Ambassador Cuisia on the ACGTDT

17 June 2013

Dear Kababayan,

Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat!

I wish to make a final appeal to parties who may be interested in taking part in the 8th Ambassadors, Consuls General and Tourism Directors Tour (ACGTDT).  In this Tour, I will lead a group of Filipinos and Americans to the Philippines from July 9 to 12, 2013.

The Department of Foreign Affairs together with the Department of Tourism have been organizing this program, held during the summer, since 2005. This brings around 400 Filipinos and Americans to the Philippines each year. Participants enjoy a VIP tour at a reasonable cost. Among other activities, the group will have a private audience with our beloved and highly respected President Benigno Aquino III in Malacanang.

This is the best time to visit the Philippines because of a great transformation that is happening in our country.  Hope is permeating the Philippines today and a renewed sense of confidence is felt by Filipinos all over the world.  Key credit rating agencies have upgraded the Philippines to investment grade. The 7.8 percent growth the Philippine economy recorded in the first quarter of the year was the strongest in all of Asia.  Thus we hear about the Philippines being “the country to watch out for, the new Asian tiger, and an emerging economic giant,” testaments to the reforms instituted by the Aquino Administration.

Filipinos and Americans making plans for the coming summer break are being urged to take a second look at the Philippines and see why it is fast making a name for itself as an international holiday destination.  As of June 10, 442 people have already registered for this exciting tour.  Certain airlines have slashed their round-trip airfare from Washington, DC to Manila to as low as $1,650!

Prospective participants may register online at ACGTDT.com.  Registration is scheduled to close next week.  Please feel free to disseminate this information to your colleagues.

For any questions, the Philippine Embassy may be contacted at telephone number 202 467-9398 or email address cultural@philippinesusa.org.

Maraming salamat po!



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