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22/03/2013: FilAm Firm to Bring Solar Energy Solutions to PH

22 March 2013

WASHINGTON, DC—A Filipino-American solar power company will be pouring in $119 million in five priority projects in the Philippines this year, the Philippine Embassy said today.

In a press release, the Embassy said Mendoza Solar, a United States-based company, will be undertaking the projects with its subsidiary in the Philippines and its American partners.

The Embassy said Winston L. Mendoza, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Mendoza Solar and its Philippine subsidiary, Lim Solar, paid a courtesy call on Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. on 20 March, where he informed the envoy of his projects that include a $45-million solar power-fuel cell farm in Davao.

In addition to the Davao project, Mendoza informed Ambassador Cuisia that his companies and its affiliates will also have solar energy projects for Glacier Cold Storage, De La Salle University, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority and Camp Aguinaldo.

“Our solar energy solutions are quick to deploy and in the future will find applications in smaller communities in the Philippines,” Mendoza told Ambassador Cuisia, adding that he also has lined up projects for some 15 medium-sized companies in various provinces in the Philippines.

According to Trade Representative Maria Roseni Alvero, Mendoza will be supplying different types of solar generation solutions to the Philippines over the next few years. These projects would impact on the electrical consumption of certain government-owned facilities and commercial activities, contributing to decreased reliance on fossil fuel, electrical cost savings and cleaner environment.

Alvero said Mendoza Solar’s $45-million project in Davao consists of a 15-megawatt solar-fuel cell farm that will save the city P27 million annually in electric bills. Its project with Glacier Cold Storage would introduce a solar-fuel cell hybrid solution that will generate at least P7 million in annual savings from electricity.

The US affiliates of Mendoza Solar-Lim Solar include Pro-ESCO Group LLC, Solectria Renewable, Gexpro and Motech, which are market leaders in high technology, particularly in renewable energy.

Mendoza established Lim Solar in the Philippines in 2010 to address the peak energy shortage in the country. He has obtained a standby financing of $800 million from National Standard and $ 500 million from ProEsco Group LLC and a consortium of US banks.

To complement the solar electric system, Mendoza is also promoting the use of state-of-the-art portable fuel cell electric system that will address base energy needs in the Philippines. A combination of fuel cell and solar systems, it ensures an uninterrupted 24-hour supply of electricity in even the remotest areas.

With Mendoza during his call on Ambassador Cuisia were: Derrick Botha, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Motech Industries America; Daniel Tarulli, Chief Executive Officer of ProEsco Group LLC; Warren Seehuus, Vice President Global Operations of Lim Solar Philippines and Principal at Seehuus and Associates LLC; Chris Hughes, National Sales Manager for Gexpro; Lawrence Rosenthal, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Sales of ProEsco; Henri V. du Pont, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ProEsco.###

25 March 2013

(From L to R) Mr.  Derick Botha, VP Sales and Marketing of MOTECH, Mr. James Worden,  CEO of Solectria Renewable (Solren), Commercial Counselor Maria Roseni "Nini" M. Alvero, Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia Jr., Mr. Winston Mendoza, Chairman/CEO of  Mendoza Lim Solar LLC., Mr. Warren Seehuus,  VP, Global Operations of   Lim Solar LLC., Mr. Scott Bowden, Director for Business Development of  Solectria Renewable (Solren), Mr.  Lawrence Rosenthal, Managing Director of  ProESCO Group LLC, and  Mr. Henri Du Pont, Chief Technical Officer of ProESCO Group LLC.

25 March 2013

(From L to R), Mr. James Worden, CEO of Solectria Renewable (Solren), Mr. Derick Botha, VP Sales and Marketing of MOTECH,  Commercial Counselor Maria Roseni "Nini" M. Alvero, Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia Jr., Mr.Winston Mendoza, Chairman/CEO of  Mendoza Lim Solar LLC., Mr. WarrenSeehuus,  VP Global Operations of Lim Solar LLC., Mr. Scott Bowden, Director for Business Development of  Solectria Renewable (Solren), and Mr. Lawrence Rosenthal, Managing Director of ProESCO Group LLC.