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21/12/2012: 3 Filipino Oil Workers to be Discharged, to Spend Christmas with Families

21 December 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The three Filipino workers seriously injured in the 16 November Gulf of Mexico oil platform fire will be able to spend Christmas with their families after hospital authorities declared them ready for discharge, the Philippine Embassy said.

In a statement, the Embassy said it had been notified by the Baton Rouge General Hospital that the condition of the three Filipino burn victims has significantly improved since the accident and all three are expected to be discharged by Monday.

“We are heartened to know that our three kababayans are recovering remarkably well and will be able to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones,” Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. said.

“We would like to thank the doctors, nurses, therapists and the staff at Baton Rouge General for making this holiday season meaningful for the three patients and their families,” Ambassador Cuisia said.

Offshore oil workers Renato Dominguez, Wilberto Ilagan and a third co-worker who declined to be identified have been undergoing treatment at the Regional Burn Center of Baton Rouge since last month’s accident that claimed the lives of three other Filipino co-workers.

The three are not expected to immediately return to the Philippines as they still have to undergo therapy here in the US, according to family members.

“We are inspired by the progress they have made in the last few weeks and all are in good condition,” said Dr. Jeffrey Littleton, Burn Surgeon and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Baton Rouge General.

The first to be discharged will be patient Dominguez, who was the last to be recovered from the accident site and who at one point was in the hospital’s critical list.

“The physicians and staff at Baton Rouge General are my family.  I am very grateful to each of them for their caring and kindness,” said Dominguez.

Bill Holman, Baton Rouge General Hospital President and Chief Executive Officer, said hospital staff are overjoyed that the three will be spending the holidays with their families.

“It has been our privilege to care for them – and even though they will travel 10,000 miles across the globe to get back home, our hearts will remain with them and all the families and loved ones of their fellow co-workers and countrymen,” Holman said. ###