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20/11/2012: Applications for Teach for the Philippines Initiative to Close on December 2

20 November 2012

WASHINGTON, DC.  The deadline for the submission of applications for the Top Ten pioneers who will commit to two years of teaching in under-resourced schools in the Philippines is just two weeks away.

Two participants of the Filipino American Youth Leadership Program (FAYLP) – Angela Lagdameo and Michael Vea – are leading the search for ten outstanding Filipino Americans to be a part of the inaugural corps of Teach for the Philippines.  The program will begin in the 2013 school year with 50 fellows - 40 from the Philippines and 10 from the United States.

According to Lagdameo and Vea, they are looking for high achieving, problem-solving leaders who are aware that more than 90 percent of Filipino children can benefit from an education without compromises and want to do something about it.

“We'll be placing teachers in the third and fourth grades because we know that by 6th grade, 8 million children drop out of school. This is a critical time for education reform in the Philippines, and we need your help,” they said.

The initiative has the wholehearted support of Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., who said: “Angela and Michael and I believe in the Teach for the Philippines’ vision that ‘The Filipino child has a right to an education without compromises, an education that involves and realizes the totality of a person's potential, an education that is inclusive, relevant, and excellent.’  I urge you to give back and be a part of this movement.”

“In two decades, Teach for America matriculated over 33,000 young leaders to transform education opportunities for over 3 million children. Now, this effort is a global one.  Imagine the possibilities for the Philippines.  Let’s level the playing field so that all Filipino children have a right to attain an excellent education,” Angela and Michael added.

Parties interested may find more information about the program and the logistical details of the fellowship at www.teachforthephilippines.org.  Those who have questions may email Angela or Michael at angela@teachforthephilippines.org and michael@teachforthephilippines.org.  The application is due December 2nd!  ###