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29/10/2012: Advisory (Fourth Update): Embassy Reminds Filipinos in East Coast to Remain Indoors

1400H 29 October 2012

The Philippine Embassy wishes to refer to the advisory it issued on Sunday, 28 October 2012, to remind the members of the Filipino Community in the East Coast of the United States to take all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety once Hurricane Sandy makes landfall tonight.

The Embassy reiterates the need for Filipinos, particularly in the New York and New Jersey areas, to continue to monitor the situation, stay indoors, avoid unnecessary travel until after US authorities declare that the danger posed by Hurricane Sandy is over.

While the Embassy and the Philippine Consulate General in New York have suspended operations, the two Foreign Service Posts are manned by essential staff who are on 24-hour standby to render assistance to Filipino nationals who may be adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Also as part of the measures it is taking in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, the Embassy  is requesting the assistance of the Filipino Community in the East Coast in helping determine the extent of the impact of the storm on Filipinos in their respective areas.

It would be appreciated if the Filipino Community could relay to the Embassy or to the Consulate General in New York information on Filipinos who could have been displaced or affected in one way or another by Hurricane Sandy.

The Embassy may also call on the Filipino Community to lend a helping hand to affected Filipinos. Filcom leaders could relay information by calling or texting the Embassy at 202-368-2767  or the Consulate General at 917-294-0196; e-mailing info@philippinesusa.org.