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09/10/2012: Statement of Support for the SAVE Act

Statement issued during the 10th NaFFAA Empowerment Conference, Detroit, 3 August 2012:

The SAVE Act deserves the full, sustained and active support of all Filipino Americans.

The SAVE Act would be the first trade initiative of the United States with the Philippines, a former colony and key ally, in four decades, and would provide an important stepping stone to the regional free trade platform that the U.S. is leading to establish for the Asia Pacific.

The SAVE Act would be an innovative win-win trade legislation for both the Philippines and the United States that will sustain jobs in both countries, by allowing the Philippines to compete with the low cost and subsidized leading apparel exporters to the U.S. in the post-quota era, while creating for the first time a much needed opportunity for the U.S. textile manufacturers to export fabric to an Asian market.

NaFFAA calls on all its members organizations, and appeals to all Filipino Americans, to rally in support of this important trade legislation.

(SIGNED) The NaFFAA National Board; Aug. 3, 2012

Executive Officers: Eduard Navarra, National chair; JT Mallonga, National Vice Chair; Bart Tubalinal, National Treasurer; Jelly Carandang, National Secretary.

Board of Governors: Bing Branigin (Virginia), Joy Bruce (Florida), Gloria Caoile (Nevada), Willie deChavez (Michigan), Romy dela Paz (Florida), Rommel DeVera (Philadelphia), Jing Espiritu (Nevada), Brendan Flores (National Youth Chair), Jon Melegrito (Maryland), Steve Raga (New York), Rodel Rodis (California).

Regional Chairs: Merit Salud (Eastern), Bert Dayao (Capital), Emraida Kiram (Midwest), Giselle Rushford (Central), Gus Mercado (Southwest), Lorna Lardizabal Dietz (Northern California), Aurora Cudal (San Diego), Mariella Fletcher (Northwest),
Romeo Jurani (Nevada), Ron Menor (Pacific).


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