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31/08/2012: Ambassador Cuisia Seeks Support of UST Law Alumni

WASHINGTON, DC. Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. met with members of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Civil Law Alumni led by Dean Nilo Divina on Friday, 31 August 2012.  During the meeting, Ambassador Cuisia urged the US-based members of the group to show their support for the Save Our Industries Act, a bill currently pending in the US Congress that aims to create more jobs in the Philippine garments sector and the US textile industry.  He also encouraged them to register as overseas absentee voters to allow them to participate in the 2013 elections in the Philippines.  The Ambassador made the same appeal to those who are qualified to vote in the US Presidential Elections in November to register and exercise their right of suffrage so that US legislators will listen and realize the relevance of the Filipino-American community, which is the second largest Asian group in the United States based on the 2010 Census Bureau. END.