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24/08/2012: Ambassador Cuisia Welcomes Back FAYLP Delegates to D.C.

24 August 2012,Washington DC. Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. hosted a reception yesterday at the Embassy to welcome back two of the chosen participants of the Filipino American Youth Leadership Program (FAYLP) - Greg Cendana and Angela Lagdameo.  Attending the event were Filipino American university students and young professionals from the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas.

Mr. Cendana described the four-day FAYLP program in Manila as a "transformative experience," having been inspired by high-level public officials, successful businessmen and distinguished social entrepreneurs who they met.  He called on the next generation Filipino Americans to see for themselves the positive changes taking place in the Philippines, so they may help spread the good news about the country.

Ms. Lagdameo revealed that the FAYLP participants have met regularly to prioritize projects they have planned to advance issues that would benefit Filipinos.  They include fundraising concerts and charity events for victims of recent natural calamities, urging Filipino Americans to register and vote, and a program that will involve teachers from the U.S. who would volunteer their time for less privileged areas in the Philippines.

The two individuals expressed their gratitude to Ambassador and Mrs. Victoria Cuisia for realizing the initiative and their role in crafting a memorable program.

Ambassador Cuisia cited the excellent qualifications of Mr. Cendana and Ms. Lagdameo, who will be representing their respective districts in D.C. and Maryland, respectively, as duly-elected delegates to the upcoming Democratic National Convention.  He noted that it was also the FAYLP delegates who inspired the people they met with their dedication and commitment to help their motherland.

The FAYLP involved the search early this year for ten young Filipino Americans throughout the U.S. and their participation last July in a four-day program in Manila, which involved meetings with government officials, corporate executives and non-governmental organization leaders.  (END)

Ambassador Jose Cuisia poses for a photo opportunity with FAYLP delegates Greg Cendana and Angela Lagdameo during the welcome back reception hosted by the Philippine Embassy on August 23.