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23/07/2012: Dear Kababayan from Ambassador Cuisia

23 July 2012

Dear Kababayan,

The Save our Industries Act (SAVE Act) is now  better known in Washington D.C., and has been brought to the attention of leadership in both houses of the U.S. Congress.  It is on the “radar screen” of those who will assemble the 2012 trade package, which Congress will most likely address between now and the end of this year.  With the possibility  that a trade package will be voted on during a “lame duck” session of Congress (after the November elections), now is the crucial time to boost our campaign for the SAVE Act.

If passed by the US Congress, this job creating, innovative piece of legislation will invigorate trade between the Philippine apparel industry and the US textile industry.

Built on strong and historical ties, the SAVE Act would represent the first significant Philippine-US bilateral trade enhancement and cooperation initiative since 1974 . It is a win-win legislation worthy of the support of the Filipino-American community that want to come to the aid of both its native and adoptive countries.

The importance of the Fil-Am community voice cannot be overstated. Many Congressional members will support the SAVE Act out of a confidence in the economic opportunities the bill offers and its role in the Philippines- US relations. Especially now, Members are more likely to be more active on a piece of legislation (through co-sponsoring or vocally supporting the bill in conversations and hearings) if they are being asked to do so by their constituents.

The Fil-Am community is at the core of what would be a breakthrough in renewed trade partnership between their two countries. As the end game is imminent, Filipino-Americans need to demonstrate their advocacy toward SAVE Act.  You could send you petition letters to your Senators and Congressmen through www.saveourindustriesact.org or take the opportunity to personally meet your legislators, especially when Congress is on recess from August 6 to September 7 when they will be in your respective districts.

Kailangan po nating magka-isa upang lubos na maitaguyod ang SAVE Act  para sa mas mayabong na kalakalan at mas makabuluhang ugnayan sa pagitan ng Pilipinas at Amerika.


Sincerely yours/Sumasainyo,




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