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02/07/2012: Embassy Personnel Attend In-House Seminar on Embassy Services, Programs and Procedures

02 July 2012, Washington, D.C. Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. led the officers and staff of the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. in attending an in-house seminar on Embassy Services, Programs and Procedures held at the Embassy’s Romulo Hall on 30 June 2012.

Organized initially for the purpose of equipping all employees with enough basic information on consular services to enable them to respond with confidence to queries from clients without immediately having to refer them to the concerned Consular personnel, the seminar was expanded to include other services and programs as well, such as labor and welfare assistance and the tourism and economic diplomacy programs of the Philippine government.  To take full advantage of the presence of the staff, security concerns and administrative reminders were also incorporated into the seminar.

Amb. Cuisia remarked, at the start of the seminar, that it was an important and timely initiative as a similar undertaking had not been done for the past several years.  He said that he would also like to see briefings for the staff on other aspects of the Embassy’s work such as the political, legislative and public diplomacy areas, including that of the attached services of the Embassy, in a subsequent seminar, perhaps some time in December.

The lecturers for the seminar were the concerned officers and staff in-charge of the various topic areas.

Amb. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. addresses the officers and staff of the Philippine Embassy at the start of the In-House Seminar.

Atty. Sofronio Cortel discusses ATN, Authentication and Dual Citizenship as part of the overall briefing on Consular Matters.

Police Attache Gen. Armando Ramolete, who is also the Embassy’s Security Officer, lectures on Security Concerns.

Amb. Jose L. Cuisia awards the Certificate of Attendance to Naval Attache Capt. Elson Aguilar.  Assisting the Ambassador are Minister Ariel Penaranda (leftmost) and Consul Arlene Magno.