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12/06/2012: OAV Registration Back-to-Back with Pacquiao Fight at Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C.

12 June 2012, Washington, D.C. Philippine Embassy personnel and their families had the opportunity to register themselves as Overseas Absentee Voters during the Pacquiao-Bradley boxing match on Saturday, 09 June 2012.  As in previous Pacquiao fights, Philippine Ambassador to Washington, D.C. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. sponsored the pay-per-view fight at the Romulo Hall of the Embassy so that the officers and staff and their families could come together and cheer for the national icon.

VRM Operator Gregg Angeles captures the electronic fingerprint of Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., as part of the OAV registration procedure

As of 09 June 2012, the Embassy’s OAV team had registered more than 1,500 additional Overseas Absentee Voters for the May 2013 national elections.  Ambassador Cuisia has set the end of the month as the deadline by which everyone from the Embassy is expected to have registered.