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12/06/2012: Independence Day Message of Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.



In 1898, the heroes of the revolution stood their ground and fought for the cause of freedom. This sacrifice and the determination to live in a free country gave birth to the first republic in Asia.

In our exercise of democracy and strong political participation, we pay homage to the sacrifice and struggle of our forefathers and reaffirm our commitment to preserve the freedom and democracy that they valiantly fought for.

In strengthening our governance reforms and protecting our political institutions, we uphold the courage and patriotism exemplified by the heroes of the revolution.

As we continue to beat the odds and demonstrate strong macroeconomic fundamentals, we pass on a bright and progressive future to our children.

The theme of the 114th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence, “Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan para sa Tuwid na Daan,” (Freedom: The Accountability of a Sovereign Nation of Responsible Citizenry) underscores the collective responsibility of all Filipinos, wherever they may be, to preserve and deserve our liberty.

The Filipino-American community has been a source of pride for many Filipinos. Your individual success and collective strength embody a boldness of spirit and a persevering and dedicated heart.

I thank you for your continued commitment to promote the Philippines’ rich heritage and for your unstinting support for the achievement of Philippine development goals.

As you walk the road towards becoming a more robust and responsible pillar in mainstream America, I call on each one of you to foster greater camaraderie, exercise strong advocacy and internalize the lessons of our nation’s independence.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Mabuhay ang diwa ng kalayaan!


JOSE L. CUISIA, JR. (Sgd.)            

12 June 2012, Washington, DC

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