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23/04/2012: Ambassador Cuisia supports Filipino student organizations in their Culture Shows

April 23, 2012, Washington DC – Philippine Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. lent his support to young Filipino Americans in their programs to promote Philippine heritage. From March to April, Filipino student organizations in metropolitan Washington, DC held their culture shows where they presented story lines that demonstrate Filipino arts and values and performed traditional Filipino dances.

Last March 24, the Club Filipino in Georgetown University held their 11th Annual Bayanihan. They performed seven traditional dances such as Itik Itik, Cariñosa, Binasuan and Tinikling.

Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. (center in traditional Filipino attire Barong Tagalog) is flanked by the members of Georgetown University Club Filipino during the 11th Annual Bayanihan held on March 24, 2012. (Photo courtesy of Club Filipino)

Also on March 24, the Filipino Organization of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) of the Catholic University of America presented their 11th Annual Philippine Culture Night. The play staged by FOCUS dealt with the issues faced by a family whose father is an overseas Filipino worker.

One of the traditional Filipino dances performed by FOCUS is the Singkil.

On April 13, the Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) of the George Mason University (GMU) adopted the story of Filipino folklore Ibong Adarna for the Annual Philippine Culture Night.

The members of FCA of George Mason University perform the traditional dance from Mindanao in the Philippines called Kappa Malong Malong.

The University of Maryland College Park Filipino Cultural Association presented the 34th Annual Philippine Culture Night on April 14 with a storyline that focused on the importance of family, love and sacrifice.

The Ambassador (center in traditional Filipino attire Barong Tagalog) joined the officers of the University of Maryland College Park Filipino Cultural Association during the curtain call.

The Philippine Cultural Society (PCS) of the George Washington University held the 12th Annual Tandaan on April 21. The PCS performed a total of 11 traditional Filipino dances such as Pandanggo sa Ilaw, Putritos, Singkil and Tinikling.

Ambassador Cuisia addressed PCS and the mostly, youth audience of the culture show at the George Washington University on April 21.

The Ambassador noted the talent and the passion that the students, not just Filipinos, have for Philippine culture. The Ambassador said, “The culture shows demonstrate the hard work that the young Filipino Americans and their friends put into to execute a wonderful performance. I am also pleased with the camaraderie that they have shown and I hope that as they grow older, they will continue to be passionate about their heritage.” -- END