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15/03/2012: Filipino American Youth Encouraged to Attend Forum to be held at GWU on March 18

14 March 2012, Washington DC. Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. wishes to invite young Filipino Americans (aged 18 to 35) to a forum for the youth, which will be held at the Jack Morton Auditorium of George Washington University (805 21st Street NW, Washington DC, 20052), on March 18, 2012, Sunday, at 1:30 p.m. The event, dubbed as Merienda with Ambassador Cuisia, is organized by the Embassy of the Philippines in coordination with District 6 of the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND).  Among those who will be in attendance are leaders and members of various Filipino-American student organizations, as well as young Filipino-American professionals in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Merienda with Ambassador Cuisia is targeted toward the Filipino-American youth that will bring together a select group of Filipino-American personalities to discuss our Filipino roots, identity and heritage and the experiences of prominent Filipino-Americans in community building, political advocacy, and entrepreneurship.  Confirmed speakers and moderators include Deputy Director Christina Lagdameo of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Mr. Fred Tayco of the Office of Congressman Brian Bilbray, Professor Francis Aguas of the College of William & Mary, Professor Cristino Arroyo of Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Ms. Angeline Hartmann, Producer/Correspondent - America’s Most Wanted, Ms. Naomi Estaris of The Travel Outlet, and Mr. Marlan Maralit of the America Federation of State County & Municipal Employees.

Second generation Filipino-Americans are an untapped source for leadership and talent and it is hoped that they may be encouraged to engage more actively in their respective Filipino-American communities and contribute to the development of the Philippines and the strengthening of relations between the Philippines and the United States.

Merienda will be served immediately following the program proper.

As seating is limited, please RSVP through this link: http://goo.gl/c49Kc by 12 noon of Friday, March 16. END