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16/02/2012: CFO Launches 2012 Presidential Awards and Migration Advocacy and Media Awards

16 FEBRUARY 2012, WASHINGTON, DC. The Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) formally opened nominations for both the 2012 Presidential Awards and the Migration Advocacy and Media Awards (MAM).

Since 1991, the Presidential Awards aim to recognize Filipinos who have selflessly supported relief, rehabilitation and development programs in the home country. Some 338 overseas Filipino individuals, organizations and their foreign partners have received the award so far.

The CFO conceived the MAM Awards in 2011 in celebration of the Month of Overseas Filipinos and International Migrants Day in the Philippines.  Eligible are works by any individual, government and private media outlets, institutions and practitioners in the fields of print, radio, movie and television, advertising and internet based in the Philippines and abroad that have raised public awareness on issues on Filipino migration, advocated the cause and/or promoted a positive image of Filipinos overseas, and migration and development.

Interested parties may refer to the CFO website at www.cfo.gov.ph for further information. Questions or concerns regarding the awards may be addressed to Ms. Arianne S. Omaga at email aomaga@cfo.gov.ph or Mr. Frencel Tingga at email ftingga@cfo.gov.ph or through telephone numbers (632) 552-4761 to 66 and (632) 561-8291. END.