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30/12/2011: New Year's Message of the Ambassador



We join all our kababayan in the Philippines and here in the United States as we welcome 2012 with a profound sense of hope that the new year will bring a brighter future for all of us.

I take this opportunity to thank my colleagues in government and the Filipino American community for the support that was extended to us as we endeavored to accomplish the tasks outlined by President Benigno S. Aquino III in strengthening the relations between the Philippines and a historical ally, the United States.

As I assumed the office of the Philippine Ambassador to the United States, President Aquino gave a clear roadmap of how areas of cooperation with the United States should be pursued. This roadmap, which charts our conduct of enhancing national security, economic diplomacy and promotion of the rights of Filipinos overseas is the guidepost of the Philippine Foreign Service Posts in the United States.

This year, we have seen a more robust engagement between the highest leaders of the Philippines and the United States highlighted by the signing of landmark documents that reaffirm the strong partnership and which will shape the relations between the two countries in the years to come.

In the US Congress, there is a heightened interest in Philippine affairs and with several US Government federal agencies, we witnessed a closer partnership that led to the provision of grants to Philippine beneficiaries.

To better serve the Filipino community, our Consular Offices improved the delivery of frontline services by extending business hours and increasing the number of consular outreach missions. More outreach missions are expected in 2012 as we encourage more registrants for overseas absentee voting.

As we push on to a new year, the Philippine Embassy and Consulates General remain confident that we will be assured of the continued support of the Filipino American community as we pursue stronger cooperation with the United States.

We look ahead with much optimism as we jointly contribute to the realization of the national development goals of our country.

Isang mapayapa at masaganang bagong taon sa inyong lahat!


JOSE L. CUISIA, JR.                              

December 2011

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