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23/11/2011: U.S. Congressman Rigell Notes Strong Link between the 2nd District of Virginia and the Philippines

Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. (left) with Representative Scott Rigell

23 NOVEMBER 2011, WASHINGTON, DC. Representative Scott Rigell noted the strong link between the 2nd District of Virginia and the Philippines during a meeting with Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. on November 4, 2011. Ambassador Cuisia and Representative Rigell spoke about the sizeable Filipino American population which makes up 63% of the Asian American community in his district. The 2nd District encompasses all of Accomack and Northampton Counties and the City of Virginia Beach and parts of the cities of Norfolk and Hampton. The Hampton Roads and the Philippines were home to the world's largest bases maintained by the U.S. Navy, and this is the main reason for the influx of Filipino immigrants to the Hampton Roads. Ambassador Cuisia mentioned the recent re-election of Delegate Ron Villanueva in the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 21st District.

Ambassador Cuisia also conferred with Representative Rigell about the Save Our Industries Act (H.R. 2387), which is being supported by the Filipino American community in the Hampton Roads. Representative Rigell stated that he would definitely consider the bill and his decision would favorably be guided by the friendship between the Philippines and the United States and the common values they share. He acknowledged the contribution of the Filipino American community not only to his district but also to the entire United States.

Representative Rigell expressed a keen interest in the Ambassador’s discussion on maritime security cooperation between the two countries, corresponding regional issues, and the shift of US attention to the Pacific. Representative Rigell sits on the Committee on Armed Services, Committee on Homeland Security, and the Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Ambassador Cuisia was delighted by the invitation of Representative Rigell to visit his district and agreed that arrangements be made to realize this visit. END