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21/11/2011: Statement of Ambassador Cuisia on the Re-election of Delegate Ron Villanueva

November 21, 2011, Washington, DC - I convey my best wishes and congratulations to Delegate Ron Villanueva on his re-election in the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 21st District.

This decisive victory over his opponent is a clear indication of the trust and respect that Delegate Villanueva’s constituents have for him. The hard work he demonstrated and the results he has delivered in the last term led to this notable achievement. His re-election is a reaffirmation of his competence for the job and at the same time, a challenge to continue serving with the people’s interest at heart.

Over my last six months in office, I have been urging Filipino Americans to be more politically empowered and to register and exercise their right to vote. I hope that the success of Delegate Villanueva will inspire many of our kababayan to be more engaged in public service. - END