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12/06/2010: Message of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romulo for the 112th Anniversary of Philippine Independence


One hundred and twelve years ago, Filipinos in Kawit, Cavite took a stand for independence and proclaimed themselves a Republic. On that afternoon of 12 June 1898, the fight for independence and nationhood planted the seeds of a vibrant democracy vigilantly guarded by the heirs of the Philippine Revolution.

A month ago, Filipinos trooped to the polls to make a stand for their children's future. Drawing on their inheritance of freedom and democracy, Filipinos in overwhelming numbers voted in the first automated elections in our nation's history.

Today, the dream of our forebears and our own aspirations are joined in the success of the 2010 National Elections and bound by the common goal of unity in order to build a great and prosperous nation.

We pay tribute to the heroes of the Philippine Revolution and remember the millions of herioc Filipinos overseas who persevere in self-sacrifice for God, country and family.

This year's theme “Kalayaan 2010: Tagumpay ng Bayan” instills in us a spirit of triumph springing from our forebears' courage, wisdom and sacrifice. This same spirit bridges political loyalties, regional identities and social classes separating us and moves our fate as a nation.

Here and abroad, Filipinos celebrate the success of Philippine democracy. At the cusp of the peaceful succession of political power, the dedicated men and women of our Philippine foreign service, guided by the three pillars of foreign policy—national security, economic diplomacy and assistance to nationals—renew their commitment to harness the full potentials of diplomacy to advance the interest of every Filipino and of our nation in the world community.

“Mabuhay ang Inang Bayan! Mabuhay ang Pilipino!”

Alberto G. Romulo

Secretary of Foreign Affairs


12 June 2010

Pasay City