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16/11/2011: Ambassador Cuisia Meets Representative Roybal-Allard of California

16  NOVEMBER 2011, WASHINGTON, DC. Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. met on November 2, 2011 with Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard, the Democratic Representative for California's 34th congressional district, serving since 2003. She is a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, and her district includes downtown Los Angeles and the neighborhoods of Huntington Park and Bell Gardens. Representative Roybal-Allard inquired with Ambassador Cuisia about President Benigno Aquino III whom she thought to be fairly popular among Filipinos. Ambassador Cuisia highlighted President Aquino’s priorities for the nation which are poverty alleviation, good governance, and fight against corruption. Ambassador Cuisia and Representative Roybal-Allard noted the close relations between the Philippines and the United States, and underscored the role of the Filipino American community in further enhancing the friendship between the two countries. Ambassador Cuisia mentioned the large group of Filipino Americans under the congresswoman’s jurisdiction. The congresswoman is associated with the Filipino American Service Group, Inc. (FASGI) which provides services to seniors, veterans, and homeless adults in and around Historic Filipinotown. FASGI is led by its Executive Director Filipino American leader Susan E. Dilkes.

On the Save Our Industries Act (H.R. 2387), Representative Roybal-Allard said that she would look into the bill and consider it favorably depending on the bill’s impact on her constituents.

Ambassador Cuisia congratulated Representative Roybal-Allard for being a political pioneer in the US Congress. She is the first Mexican American to be elected to Congress, the first Latina in U.S. history to be appointed to the Appropriations Committee, first woman, first Latina to become chair of the California Democratic Congressional Delegation in 1997 and 1998, and the first Member to achieve this role through election rather than seniority, and the first female Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. END