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02/11/2011: Edgewood, Maryland Resident Becomes First OAV Registrant in DC for 2013 Elections

Deputy Chief of Mission and Consul General Domingo Nolasco (right) supervises the start of the overseas absentee voting (OAV) registration, while consular assistant Joey Macatula (center) captures the biometric information of Mr. Joel Flores (left).

02 NOVEMBER 2011, WASHINGTON, DC. Mr. Joel Flores, a Filipino resident of Edgewood, Maryland who has been in the United States for two years, became the Embassy’s first registrant for the overseas absentee voting (OAV) registration period, which began today.  Registration of qualified applicants will run through October 31, 2012 and enable them to cast their votes for the 2013 Philippine elections for senators and party-list representatives.

During the previous national elections, a total of 41,512 Filipinos in the United States registered for the OAV.  A total of 6,958 Filipinos registered for the OAV at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C.  Of this figure, 1,749 actually cast their votes, translating to a 25% voter turnout.

The Embassy is encouraging all qualified Filipinos to take part in the electoral exercise.  Further details concerning the OAV may be found at http://philippineembassy-usa.org/philippines-dc/consular-services-dc/faq-dc/#oav. END