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28/09/2011: FVR Launches First Authorized Biography and Speaks at Several Fora in Metro DC

Former President Fidel Ramos speaks before members of the Filipino-American community at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C.

28 September 2011, Washington DC. Former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos began his 17-day trip to the United States in the nation’s capital with a dialogue with members of the press and Filipino-American community in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.    Philippine Ambassador to the U.S. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. introduced the guest of honor during the event at the Embassy yesterday, describing the former Chief Executive as one of the greatest statesmen the Philippines ever produced.

During the occasion, former President Ramos also formally launched his first authorized biography, “Trustee of the Nation – the Biography of Fidel V. Ramos,” which was written by Dr. Scott Thompson.  The author is a retired Professor Emeritus of the Fletcher School of Tufts University.  He also co-authored “Democracy and Discipline,” a book on the presidency of former President Ramos.

Left photo shows former President Ramos (seated, 4th from right) during a roundtable discussion at Johns Hopkins University.  The right photo shows the former president addressing the audience that included former US Labor Secretary Elaine Chao at The Heritage Foundation.

Former President Ramos also spoke today on “Asia’s Rise and America’s Role in the Emerging Power Balance” at the Southeast Asia Studies Program of Johns Hopkins University and “The U.S.-Philippines Alliance” at the Heritage Foundation.  The latter was organized to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Philippine-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty.  Former President Ramos was introduced by former US Ambassador to the Philippines Thomas Hubbard.

He noted that “Filipinos continue to believe America still plays a positive role for all the world.”  He added that the United States can be counted on “as a dependable ally under the 1951 Philippine-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty and a long-standing friend and partner – to help us protect and advance our shared security interests.”

Former President Ramos also cited China’s growth and increasing influence.  He remarked that “China today is tightly connected to the global economy” and said “a constructive Chinese role in organizing enduring peace and stability would demonstrate China’s commitment to become the ‘responsible stakeholder’ that Washington has challenged Beijing to become.”

Former President Ramos also co-chaired and addressed the 6th Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum (EMF) in Warrenton, Virginia last September 25 to 27.  The EMF is a non-profit organization established in 2005 upon the initiative of the Washington-based Centennial Group, a policy-consultancy firm led by former top executives of the IMF and World Bank.  The EMF holds a global meeting and several regional meetings every year, provides research, and serves as a venue for high-level dialogue on socio-economic and political issues affecting emerging markets.  The focus of this year’s meeting were “Enhancement of Latin American and Asian Economic Links”, “Reform of the International Monetary System”, and “Role of Europe in the Global Economy”.  END