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31/08/2011: Remarks of the Department of Foreign Affairs on the 60th Anniversary of the PH-US Mutual Defense Treaty

31 August 2011--Today, we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of our Mutual Defense Treaty with the United States, which serves as the anchor of our enduring defense alliance.

The bilateral Philippine-American defense relationship built on the MDT is a cornerstone of external defense of the Philippines and a crucial element in maintaining regional peace and stability.

In the past six decades, we find that our defense alliance with the United States continues to evolve to become more effective in responding to emerging global challenges in the region such as terrorism, piracy, man-made and natural disasters, maritime security, transnational crimes and threats to freedom in navigation.

The United States is the only treaty ally of the Philippines. We are confident that our relations, based on a deep affinity between our peoples and shared democratic values, will continue to broaden to meet the challenges of a changing global landscape. END