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04/08/2011: Ambassador Cuisia Meets with Senator Risch of Idaho

04 AUGUST 2011, WASHINGTON, D.C. Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. discussed security and trade cooperation with Republican Senator Jim Risch on August 3, 2011. Senator Risch is a Member of the Committee on Foreign Relations and the Select Committee on Intelligence. Senator Risch noted the success in the partnership between the Philippines and the United States in combating terrorism in Southern Mindanao.

On the Save Our Industries Act, Senator Risch committed himself to take the bill into consideration. Ambassador Cuisia explained that SAVE Act’s language is similar to CAFTA-DR and its provisions do not impinge on the interest of the US textile industry. Also, the Philippines does not have a textile industry and SAVE Act will allow the Philippine apparel industry to have a symbiotic relationship with the US textile industry. The Ambassador added that 500 million dollars worth of exports to the Philippines originating from a SAVE Act legislation would be substantial to the 8-9 billion dollar US textile industry.

Senator James Elroy "Jim" Risch is a rancher and attorney who previously served as Lieutenant Governor (2003–2006, 2007–2009) and Governor (2006–2007) of Idaho. Idaho is an important agricultural state, producing nearly one-third of the potatoes grown in the United States. Other important industries in Idaho include food processing, lumber and wood products, machinery, chemical products, paper products, electronics manufacturing, silver and other mining, and tourism. END