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08/07/2011: Embassy Assures Assistance to Teachers in Maryland

08 July 2011, Washington D.C. – Officials of the Philippine Embassy led by Consul General Domingo Nolasco and Labor Attache Luzviminda Padilla met this morning with a group of Filipino teachers in Prince George’s County, whose jobs may be adversely affected as a result of an agreement between the Wage Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor and the Prince George’s County Public School which prevents the school district from hiring new teachers and renewing visas of current foreign workers due to its willful violation of wage laws on the hiring of overseas workers.

As part of the Philippine government’s mandate to protect Filipinos abroad and promote their welfare, the Embassy will assist the affected teachers in making representations with appropriate U.S. government agencies.  It is also organizing a forum to bring together all relevant parties and explain all possible options, so the teachers can make an informed judgment on the proper course of action they have to take. (END)