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08/07/2011: Ambassador Cuisia Presents Credentials to President Obama

08 July 2011, WASHINGTON, D.C. – H.E. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. presented his credentials as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of the Philippines yesterday afternoon to President Barack H. Obama at the White House and conveyed President Benigno S. Aquino III’s “best wishes” to the American president.

President Obama extended a warm welcome to Ambassador Cuisia and his family and said he looked forward to working closely with the Ambassador “to deepen the already close relations between our two countries.”

President Obama cited the United States’ treaty alliance with the Philippines, calling it “one of the United States’ most enduring international relationships.”  He added that “our long-standing partnership promotes peace, development, and prosperity around the world.”

In his message, Ambassador Cuisia said that his mandate from President Aquino is “to leverage the enduring and strategic Philippine-United States relations into concrete opportunities for mutual benefit in the areas of national security, economic development, and protection and security of the people of both countries.”

Ambassador Cuisia conveyed the commitment of the Aquino administration to shaping a new Philippines, one that is marked by good governance, equal opportunities for all, access to basic social services, within safe communities.

President Obama noted that the United States and the Philippines “work closely together on an important range of issues, including humanitarian projects, supporting war veterans, or combating transnational threats.”  He described the Philippines as “a key voice in the region” that is “well-positioned to lead efforts to address such challenges as climate change, global pandemics, and non-proliferation” and has a vital role in “ensuring that the region’s evolving architecture advances peace, security, and economic opportunity.”

President Obama cited the United States’ Partnership for Growth joint effort and the $434 million Millennium Challenge Corporation compact as two opportunities to help boost economic growth and ground-breaking areas to support the Philippine government’s agenda of reducing poverty.  He also took note of the four million Americans of Filipino ancestry living in the United States and their efforts that help increase bilateral understanding and cooperation.

Ambassador Cuisia informed President Obama that it will be his privilege to actively participate in crafting the next chapter in Philippine-U.S. relations, one that is forged by a commitment to shared values and founded on the realization that our future is intrinsically woven together by mutual interests.  (END)