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28/06/2011: PH Embassy Participates in Filipino Community Events in Commemoration of 113th Independence

28 June 2011, Washington, DC – The personnel of the Embassy of the Philippines joined the Filipino community in events that commemorate the 113th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence.

Philippine Ambassador to the US delivers the keynote remarks at the Philippines Independence Day Gala Ball organized by the Philippine American Foundation for Charities held on 18 June 2011 at the JW Marriott Hotel.

On 18 June 2011, Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. gave the keynote remarks during the Philippine Independence Day Gala held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC. The Ambassador expressed gratitude for the various forms of assistance Filipino organizations extend to various causes in the Philippines. He emphasized the need for Filipino-Americans to participate in the political process in the United States and to make their common voice be heard in the policy-making process.

He sought the support of the Filipino-Americans in the campaign for the passage of the Save Our Industries Act (SAVE Act), which aims to strengthen the textile and garments trade between the Philippines and the United States and thereby create thousands of jobs in both countries. SAVE Act was recently filed in the US Senate by Senate President Pro-Tempore Daniel Inouye and in the House of Representatives by Representative Jim McDermott. It is filed as SB 1244 in the Senate and HR 2387 in the Congress.

Left photo – Vice Consul Corina Apostol-Reyes of the Philippine Embassy (left) is joined by Philippine American Foundation for Charities (PAFC) Chairman of the Board Ador Carreon (center) and Delegate Kris Valderrama (right) of the State of Maryland at the Philippine Embassy booth.

Right photo – Filipino-Americans sign letters addressed to their legislators seeking support for SAVE Act.

On 26 June 2011, the Embassy of the Philippines organized an information booth at the Pistang Pilipino 2011, Community Sportsfest and Picnic, held at the Tucker Road Recreational Park in Prince George’s County in Maryland. The Embassy booth promoted the registration for overseas absentee voting (OAV) which will begin in October 2011. The OAV registration will allow Filipinos abroad to vote in the May 2013 elections in the Philippines. The Embassy personnel, with the help of volunteers, also gave information on the SAVE Act and collected signed letters seeking legislator’s support to SAVE Act. -- END