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28/06/2011: Guidelines from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency for the Granting of Permits for the Dangerous Drug Preparations

The following are guidelines from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on the procedures for the granting of permits for the Dangerous Drug Preparations (DPPS):


Applicant / Client


Duration of Activity


Lodge application online thru the NSW website (nsw.gov.ph)


Register at the NSW site to facilitate submission of application online.

In said application, indicate the current PDEA S3 license of the hospital where the medical mission shall be held.  Said imported drugs to be kept, dispensed, recorded and reported by its registered pharmacist.

Submit Requirements to PDEA Office:

  1. Letter of request for Permit for imported DDPs from done coordinator.  Add details not specified in the online application (ex. duration of mission, venue, assurance that DDPs shall be used solely for humanitarian aid and not for commercial distribution, etc).
  2. Letter from partner S3 licensed hospital to handle safekeeping, dispensing, recording and reporting of subject DDPS
  3. Endorsement from respective Local Government Unit
  4. Deed of Donation with complete list of medicines
  5. Export Authorization from competent authority where DDPs originated

Impex Officers checks application and requirements.  If not entered thru the nsw site, instructs/guides applicant re. entry of application on the same.

5-15 minutes



Process and prepares import permit ASAP.

*An S3 PDEA-licensed entity should be involved in the activity.  If otherwise, bonafide of the person who will handle safekeeping and dispensing of the DDPs will have to be established prior to processing of the permit.

30 minutes





Recommended Approval by D, CS

Within the day



Approval by DG, PDEA

Within 3 working days



No regulatory fee required.  Status of application may be viewed from the NSW website.



Picks up and receives approved permit.

Release subject approved permit to authorized representative.


1-3 minutes